Pre-K Newsletter and Supply List from Ms Sue for 2018-2019 School Year

Dear Families,

Welcome to Mountain School Pre-K!  I am very excited to meet you and your child in August!  Here are a few things to know about the first week of school:

Wednesday, August 8, from 10:00am to 11:00amOur Pre-K Meet and Greet will be held in the Pre-K classroom.  Come meet me and my assistant, Lori Scandura.  This will be a great time to explore the classroom and make your child’s birthday heart for our birthday chart.

Thursday, August 9, First Day of School.  Doors open at 8:15am.

-Please walk your child in and sign them in at the Parent Information Station in the classroom.

-Half day dismissal is at 11:30am.  Please come in to the classroom and sign your child out.

-Full day students are dismissed at 3:00pm from the classroom, so please walk in and sign them out.

-If your child needs before care or after care, please fill out the paperwork before the first day of school.  Packets are available at the front desk.  Also, let us know if your child is going to after care by writing it in the comments section of the sign in book.

Friday, August 10 is a half day for all Pre-K students.  We have our first music class starting at 8:30am in our classroom, so your prompt arrival is greatly appreciated.  Dismissal is at 12:30pm in the classroom for all students.  Students needing after care will be taken to the gym at 12:30pm.

Things to bring to Pre-K every day:

Snack and water bottle

Backpack or bag with an extra set of clothes and shade hat (full day students also need a blanket or towel for rest time, two snacks and a healthy lunch)

Donations of supplies needed:

Boxes of tissues, Clorox Anywhere Spray (non bleach), Disinfecting wipes, Non antibacterial foaming soap

I’m looking forward to a fantastic year!


Sue Wagner

Mountain School Pre-K