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FAQ’s about the Lottery Process

What is the deadline to get my child into the lottery?

January 31 of every year is the deadline to get your child into the lottery for the following school year. Please make sure your child is in the lottery before that date to ensure the best chance of getting into Mountain School.

When will parents get the results of the lottery?

We will have the results of the lottery the second Monday in February. You will receive an email indicating your child’s position on the waitlist.

How many Kindergarten spots do you have for the lottery each year?

We typically have between 10-15 spots for Kindergarten each year, a few more spots will become available over the summer when families move away and notify us they will not be returning. 

How many spots do you have for 1st– 5th grade?

We only have spots available in these grades when current students leave. We will fill any spots in 1st-5th grade as they become available based on where your child’s spot is in the lottery.

Once the lottery is done, will my child’s spot on the waitlist change for any reason?

Your child will continue to move up on the waitlist as spots are filled. However, if a sibling of another applicant gets into Mountain School, that applicant will be moved to the top of the waitlist under the sibling preference rule, which could affect your child’s position on the waitlist. 

Once my child is in Mountain School, do I have to go through the lottery process again?

No, once your child has a spot in Mountain School they have a spot every year. We also do sibling preference for younger siblings.

How are students placed into classrooms once they receive a spot in Mountain School?

Students will be placed into classrooms with available spots. Because of this, you may not request a specific teacher or classroom when enrolling. We will send out welcome letters and supply lists from teachers in Mid-July for all enrolled students. 

Do the lottery lists carry over to the following school year?

No, the current year lottery does not carry over to the following school year, if still interested, you will need to enter the lottery again. 

If you have any questions regarding the lottery process please email contact@mountaincharterschool.com or you may contact our registrars by calling during school hours at 928-779-2392

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