Jog-a-thon 2018

A beautiful day after a week of SNOW to celebrate fitness and raise money to purchase Chromebooks and a Gaga Ball Game for Mountain School! Click HERE for photos.


PE PROGRAM:  A large portion of funds will go toward the purchase of a portable “Gaga Pit”.  Gaga Ball is a fun and popular game that 20 or more students can play at the same time.  Rather than a permanent structure, a portable pit will allow for more flexibility – it can be used indoors, on the playground, at the field, and the pieces can be utilized separately if needed.  Ms. Hershey has all kinds of plans for how we can extend the use into other areas of physical fitness, thus increasing the value! Any additional funds will be used to purchase yoga mats and other PE supplies.


CHROMEBOOKS:  Each year we strive to upgrade and augment our technology.  About half of the proceeds from this event will be used to purchase Chromebooks so that our K-2 classrooms can utilize the technology and begin learning important skills that promote responsible use!