Bienvenidos. Welcome to Mountain School’s Spanish Program. Learning to communicate in Spanish and attaining a passion for learning a foreign language and culture is our goal. Learning a foreign language is not only exciting, increases your cultural sensitivity and future job possibilities, it also develops classification skills, concept formation, analogical reasoning, visual-spatial skills, creativity, and other cognitive gains!

D.R. students

Dominican Students with our penpal letters.

I am Señora Michelle Galloway and I am delighted to work with Mountain School’s faculty and families to create a culturally diverse Spanish curriculum and to facilitate TeamMastermind! I am a NAU graduate with a major in French, a minor in Spanish and complete course work in secondary teacher certification. My teaching experience includes Spanish (K-12), French (middle and high school), English as a Second Language for K-8 and adults, the Arboretum and the Museum of Northern Arizona.

I have studied, traveled and lived in Mexico and Spain. However, I feel it is important to broaden students’ knowledge of numerous Spanish-speaking countries, focusing on 4-5 countries a year. I welcome Hispanic families and those with experience in Spanish language and foreign travel if you would willing to share. Lessons will primarily utilize a TPR curriculum. TPR, Total Physical Response, is a method that involves teaching a language using body movement or gestures to establish meaning. Students will be equipped with skills to understand and even speak Spanish right from the start. ¡Ándale!

Michelle Galloway, Spanish and TeamMastermind Teacher

Michelle Galloway, Spanish and TeamMastermind Teacher


Learning is about more than just the three R’s. It’s about thinking outside – way outside – the box. That’s why we developed TeamMastermind, an innovative curriculum that not only fosters critical thinking, teamwork, and self-evaluation skills but also empowers kids to use their heads, hearts, and hands – the three H’s – to learn. Since 1999, thousands of students have benefited from TeamMastermind.

TeamMastermind is appropriate for any student in grades K-8. At Mountain School all students in grades 2-5 have one Mastermind session each week. Each highly experiential session introduces a theme that students explore through discussion, reading, and hands-on problem solving in small groups. For more information about TeamMastermind, click here.

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Art Teacher

Art Teacher


Ms. Rachel Joiner hit the ground running when she joined Mountain School mid year.  She’s an experienced elementary school art teacher with a passion for multi-media and getting dirty!

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Maggie WeidingerHi! 

Welcome to the Mountain School Music Program. Music is such a universal language.  No matter who you are, what your talents and gifts are or where you come from, we all love listening to music.  Music inspires us in so many different ways – the sounds of the instruments, the words, the singers, the rhythm, the technology and production of the song and so much more. 

I am Maggie Weidinger and I love introducing the students to all the different faces of music.  My job is to create a general appreciation for music and all that is offered through music!  I am very blessed to have a deep heritage of music.  Both my parents are musicians (coming from musical families), my husband is a musician, along with many in his family.  Music is a very active part of our lives!  I started taking singing and piano lessons when I was young and moved on to attend both Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University for music.  I believe that music, along with the other specials offered at Mountain School, is a part of developing the whole child.
My favorite time of year is when we do our Spring Program!  This is a chance for all the students  to shine while having fun!  It’s an opportunity for them to work hard for something and gain confidence, discover a new talent or develop an existing talent, be a leader, use discipline and be a STAR and most importantly, give back to their friends and family!

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Spring skiing down slopes of  Snowbowl after skinning up to the top.

Spring skiing down slopes of Snowbowl after skinning up to the top.

Physical Education


I’m KC Hershey from Chicago.  I moved to Flagstaff in 1984 to attend NAU. After marrying a local Flagstaff man in 1995, we started a family and currently are raising two very active boys that are growing up way too fast. My life has been very fulfilling by working with children in physical education over the past 20 years. I can truly say I love my job, the outdoors, all kinds of sports and, of course, the kids. My goal is to teach students that exercise can be fun, and to prepare them for a life of physical activity,

Healthy bodies equal healthy minds!

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Run for the Mountain


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