Joni Wojcik, 4th Grade

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Bio & Philosophy

In 1988, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Child Development from California State University Stanislaus. In 1990 I received my teaching credential in Elementary Education from Joni Wojcik – 4th grade teacher at Mountain Charter School [Flagstaff, Arizona]California State University Fullerton. I am a certified Language Development Specialist in the state of California. My teaching career began at Valencia Park Elementary School in Fullerton, California, in 1990. I taught a total of eight years, four years in First Grade and four years in Kindergarten.Joni Wojcik - 2012

I left teaching for seven years to be at home with my three children when we moved to Austin, Texas. I have worked as an aide, substitute teacher, and classroom teacher at Mountain School since 2004. I am currently teaching Fourth Grade.

I believe in a child-centered classroom where an enriched learning environment is paired with engaging curriculum and activities. I also believe that each child is unique and has his/her own learning style. My lessons are designed with many hands-on opportunities as well as plenty of visuals and printed materials. I absolutely love to read and strive to pass on the love of reading to my students. There are many, many books in my classroom available on a daily basis to my students. I truly love to teach and absolutely love working at Mountain School. It is a privilege to teach and it is my responsibility to provide my students with a safe and stimulating learning environment.

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