Ashley Fell, 4th/5th Multiage Class

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Welcome to 4/5!

Hello! I’m Ms. Ashley and I’m excited to be your child’s teacher this year.

Previously, I have taught fourth grade in Phoenix, AZ, fourth grade in Laramie,
Wyoming, sixth grade in Tolleson, AZ, and fourth grade in Gilbert, AZ. I graduated
from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 2007 with my degree in elementary
education and a minor in language arts. I’ve been working in education ever since!

My husband and I moved to Flagstaff in July 2015 and love it! We have moved a
lot, but we love Flagstaff so much we are hoping to make it our permanent home.
When I’m not teaching I like to spend time with my daughter, husband, and cats.
We love hiking! I also love to bake. You name it…cookies, candies, fudge, breads,
muffins…I bake it.

Some of the field trips we will take this year include the Arboretum, Elden Pubelo, and many more. We will enjoy the great outdoors with some hiking trips as well. I try to organize at least one field trip with the 2/3 multiage and the K/1 multiage classes as well.

Our class will use a binder system to help keep organized. Organization is a huge
part of preparing students for middle school, so there is no better time to start!
Since I believe that students learn best by doing, we will be completing several
large projects throughout the year to help address our science and social studies

I also do a lot of group work and cooperative learning in my classroom.
It is important for students to know how to work with and respect all people in our
classroom. I pull small groups for math and ELA to ensure each student is getting
the most appropriate support.

For those of you who are new to my class, I can’t wait to meet you! For those of
you who are returning for fifth grade, I’m excited to see you again! Please find the
supply list under the Class News link. Have a wonderful rest of your summer and I’ll
see you soon!

Ms. Ashley

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