Grade 1, 2/6/17, Newsletter

Good Morning, Parents!

We hope you enjoyed a great weekend with your family!  We have a busy week planned for the kiddos!
As you know, Animal Reports officially start this week!  Please make sure your child comes to school each day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) with their information for that day AND a picture that goes with the information.  For example, tomorrow they should come to school with information about their animal’s appearance AND a good picture for appearance.  Thank you for helping your children with their homework this week!!
In math we will continue to practice measuring objects with non-standard units (cubes, paper clips, etc.)  We are also moving along in Topic 8.  This week one thing students will learn is expanded form. “Expanded form” is a fancy way of saying that you are showing the value of each digit in a number. (For example 48 = 40+8, 31= 30+1, 76=70+6.)
In phonics we will be reading and writing words with “ch” and “tch” (Cheerios, chips, hitch, fetch, etc.) The reading strategy we are focusing on is “Chunk letters and sounds together.” This is a strategy that helps students read accurately.  It also helps them tackle bigger words more quickly! 
Some “house-keeping:” 
  • Our school-wide focus for February is optimism!! The children were introduced to this idea last Friday at our school-wide assembly.  We will be talking about it in class and recognizing optimistic behavior with beautiful snow flakes (with the name of the child that showed optimism.) Look for these hanging in the hallway soon.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences are on March 1st and March 2nd. Stay-tuned for information about signing up for a time to meet with us to discuss your child’s progress!
We hope you are having a wonderful Monday!
*Sheri and Laura