Grade 1, 1/30/17, Newsletter

Good Morning, Parents!

Happy Monday!  We are hoping for a very normal week :)…
Tomorrow is the 100th day of school!  Please remember to send your child with a ziplock bag filled with 100 small items!! The items should all be the same (eg. 100 small Legos or 100 Cheerios or 100 paper clips, etc.) There is a note in the Homework Folder that went home on Friday about this. We will be using the items for an activity tomorrow!
The Home Reading Graph for February also went home in Friday’s Homework folder. On Wednesday, February 1st, start logging those minutes! Please return your child’s January Home Reading Graph if they met the goal, so we can send home a pizza coupon!
As a group, the children did really well on their Topic 7 math test last week.  We were so proud of them! Today we are starting Topic 8: Tens and Ones. We are also starting to learn about Measurement.  We will be measuring the length of items in non-standard units (e.g. How many paper clips long is a Kleenex Box? Or how many cubes long is this book?) It is important for children to have NO gaps and NO overlaps when measuring items!
We are also starting to get ready for animal reports in class!  (If you have not already done so, please read the note that went home on Friday in Homework Folders about upcoming animal reports and how homework will be different next week!) Students are enjoying both non-fiction and fiction books about animals.  We are also learning about the attributes of several animals in our Scholastic News this week. 
Thank you for sending snow gear every day!  Please continue to do so.  We appreciate it!
We are looking forward to a wonderful week in First Grade!
*Sheri and Laura