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School Board Meeting Minutes: September 17, 2019

Mountain School Board Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2019

2:00 PM

1899 Bar and Grill

Board Members Present: Jason Aulwes, Bryan Cooperrider, Sandra Dihlmann, Renee Fauset, Katherine Lampros, Mark Neumayr

Board Members Absent: N/A

Non-Board Members Present: Vanessa Fitz-Kesler

1.Call to Order/Welcome:The meeting was called to order at 2:12 PM.Renee Fauset, President
2.Adoption of Agenda:Mark Neumayr made a motion to adopt the September 17 agenda. Katherine Lampros seconded the motion. The motion was approved:   Jason Aulwes—Yay Bryan Cooperrider—Yay Sandra Dihlmann—Yay Renee Fauset—Yay Katherine Lampros—Yay Mark Neumayr—YayRenee Fauset, President  
3.Call to the Public:No members of the public were present.  Renee Fauset, President
4.Disclosure of Conflicts:No disclosures of conflicts to report.  Sandra Dihlmann, Secretary  
5.Action Item: Approval of July 9, 2019 Mountain School Board Meeting MinutesKatherine Lampros made a motion to adopt the July 9th minutes. Renee Fauset seconded the motion. The motion was approved:   Jason Aulwes—Yay Bryan Cooperrider—Yay Sandra Dihlmann—Yay Renee Fauset—Yay Katherine Lampros—Yay Mark Neumayr—Yay  Renee Fauset, President
6.Agenda Item: School board photo for website  A Mountain School Board photo was taken for the school website.Renee Fauset, President
7.Agenda Item: Review of auditor visit  Vanessa reviewed the Mountain School auditor visit on July 31 and Aug 1.   Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Executive Director  
8.Action Item:  Set fixed asset minimum, around $5,000, per auditor recommendation  Mark Neumayr made a motion to table this item until further discussion with auditor to clarify the action item and the definition of fixed” asset.  Jason Aulwes seconded the motion. The motion was approved.   Jason Aulwes—Yay Bryan Cooperrider—Yay Sandra Dihlmann—Yay Renee Fauset—Yay Katherine Lampros—Yay Mark Neumayr—Yay  Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Executive Director  
9.Agenda Item: Financials: discuss possible investment options for money market account funds and the role of fundraising  Vanessa shared some challenges Mountain School staff face each year with several fundraising events and questioned whether the school should consider investment opportunities for revenue such as CD’s.   Some of the positive aspects of fundraising include community outreach, but the number of fundraisers each year should be reevaluated based on time and need. Ultimately, the number of fundraisers should be left to director and staff discretion.  Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Executive Director
10.Agenda Item: ASBA (Arizona School Board Association) membership update  Vanessa shared that the membership for ASBA’s cost for access to policies is costly ($300 / month with 4-year contract) and is unsure how useful membership would be considering the expense incurred. Vanessa will research whether or not Mountain School currently has login access through the association.   There was a request to reach out to the charter board, other charter schools, or the charter school association to see if they would be willing to share their policies and procedures with us.   Mark is also willing to locate policies and possibly generate some policies for Mountain School as a courtesy.  Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Executive Director
11.Agenda Item: Insurance update-increase personal property coverage to $400K.  Quote for cybersecurity insurance coverage  Vanessa Fitz-Kesler updated the board on the personal property coverage increase to $400,000.  Will get a quote for cybersecurity insurance and flood insurance. Jason suggests preventive maintenance from IT provider to circumvent ransomware and offer training to staff and personnel on the types of emails to avoid opening.Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Executive Director  
12.  Agenda Item: Director’s ReportVanessa Fitz-Kesler discussed the following items: ADM (daily attendance) Update

Cybersecurity training

Building rental agreement-limit instead of expanding; no private parties; staff requests determined by admin team

Website: aim to go live by end of September

Building projects completed: new electrical subpanel and gutters under sidewalk completed by 8/7/19; Electrical work current-2 LEDs for gym, replace 3 light pack one exterior, solar parking lot light; will get estimate for dedicated line to staff kitchen for dishwasher

Requests for A/C bids; current electrical panels can’t handle.

Updated PAR form; now paystub shows leave hours available
Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Executive Director
13.  Agenda Item: Determine fall meeting dates  The next meetings will occur on Thursdays at 1:00 at the 1899 Bar and Grill on the following dates:

October 10 November 21 December 12  
Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Director
14.  Future agenda items to consider  Review and approve the AFR and auditReview whistle blower policyUpdate Action Item 8: report from auditor to define what is meant by a “fixed” asset and clarify recommended action.Form an exploratory committee to look at school restructuring project (future)  Sandra Dihlmann, Secretary
15.  Adjourn  Meeting was adjourned at 3:52 PM.    Renee Fauset, President

A person with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation such as a sign language interpreter by contacting Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Executive Director, Mountain School, 311 W. Cattle Drive Trail, Flagstaff, AZ 86005, telephone 928-779-2392.  Requests should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange the accommodation. 

Dated: ________ of August 2019



Renee Fauset, President


Sandra Dihlmann, Secretary

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