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School Board Meeting Minutes: March 31, 2020

Mountain School Board Meeting Minutes

March 31, 2020

1:00 PM

Mountain School

Board members Present:  Renee Fauset, Bryan Cooperrider, Mark Neumayr, Katherine (Kathy) Lampros, Sandra Dihlmann by phone.  Jason Aulwes absent.

Non-Board Members Present:  Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Gina Andress and Audra Morales

1.Call to Order/Welcome:    The meeting was called to order at 1:10pm by Renee Fauset.

2.Adoption of Agenda:  Mark Neumayr made a motion to adopt the March 31st agenda.  Kathy Lampros seconded the motion.  Approved by all Board members.   
3.Call to the Public by Renee Fauset: There were no members of the public in attendance. 
4.Disclosure of Conflicts:  No disclosures of conflicts to report.

5.Action Item:  Approval of March 12, 2020 Mountain School Board Meeting Minutes Kathy Lampros made a motion to adopt the March 12th Minutes.  Mark Neumayr seconded the motion.  The Motion was Approved by all Board members: Mark Neumayr-Yay Jason Aulwes—absent Bryan Cooperrider—Yay Sandra Dihlmann—Yay Renee Fauset—Yay Katherine Lampros—Yay 
6.Agenda Item:  Review Arizona HB 2910 bill signed 3/27/20 to support schools during closure due to coronavirus. Mark Neumayr explained AZ HB 2910 bill as it relates to Mountain School.  Discussion centered around compliance with HB 2910, including payment of wages to the hourly employees and what tasks might be reassigned to them if they are unable to work remotely.   In order to maintain employee morale for the remainder of this year and for future time periods, and to reduce future training costs, layoffs will be used sparingly, if at all.  There was recognition of the importance of having these employees be accountable for their hours.  Vanessa advised this was similar to the approach being taken by other schools. There was also discussion of a new federal law requiring that if a full-time  employee meets certain COVID 19 related criteria, they be paid sick pay up to 80 hours (part-time employees are entitled to receive a pro-rata amount of sick leave) and then use their PTO (paid time off), if necessary.     
7.Agenda Item: Review draft of Mountain School’s Educational Plan during school closure. Gina Andress presented a draft of Staff Expectations/Guidelines for Distance Learning.   There was discussion of what might constitute an offer to students of “general educational opportunities” based on completing the educational goals for each class for the remainder of the school year.  The Board agreed the document presented by Gina seems to provide more than adequate alternative methods of meeting the State’s requirements. It also provides clear guidance and accountability for staff, expectations and options for families, and the flexibility needed to offer all students sufficient opportunities to meet his/her educational needs. This document will be updated as appropriate as it is implemented and as guidance is provided by the state Board of Education and the Arizona Department of Education.   
8Agenda Item:  Discuss Coronavirus implications for Mountain School, with knowledge that school will remain closed through the remainder of the school year, announced March 30, 2020. Vanessa Fitz-Kesler brought up some issues regarding the effect of the Coronavirus.   With notices and practices consistent with the CDC safety guidelines, she will be keeping the school building itself open and available to teachers.   The management team feels it is important to be available to support parents who may need to pick up school materials. This practice may be modified if circumstances change.   There was also a recommendation to look at any opportunities to do major maintenance, cleaning or other projects to the school facility while it is not in use.   
9.Future agenda items to consider: Future agenda items are updates to the educational opportunity plan and the impact of COVID-19.Any unforeseen budgetary impacts (negative or positive)Discussion of how to start the 2020-2021 school year   
10.Adjourn:   Renee Fauset adjourned the meeting at 3:26pm.


Dated _______ of March, 2020


_________________________________                                          ____________________________________

Renee Fauset, President                                                                   

Sandra Dihlmann, Secretary

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