First Week MUST Knows

Important things to know at Mountain School:


Safety.  Mountain School will continue to make the safety of our students and our campus a priority.  We will continue to enforce our policy of locking all exterior doors, with school entry only at the front desk in the main building, so Ms. Audra can check in all visitors.  We will continue to expect all visitors to sign in and wear a visitor badge while on campus.  We will practice lockdown procedures regularly in order to increase the effectiveness of the drills.


Traffic.  We strive to be good neighbors to the many residents of Ponderosa Trails.  Please be respectful when parking in the neighborhood.  Avoid blocking driveways and park on Cattle Drive when coming into the school.  The volume of traffic at certain times of day can cause crossing the street to be a more dangerous endeavor.  We provide a crossing guard during arrival and dismissal times before and after school (8:15 – 8:30 & 3:00 – 3:15).  Please utilize the crossing guard to help us to teach your children to cross the street safely.  If you park on the street, please walk on the sidewalk to the crossing guard to cross the street instead of crossing in various places.  Students who walk to and from school should always use the crossing guard to cross the street.  When using the drop off/pick up line through the school parking lot please DO NOT exit your vehicle.   Stay in the car through the entire line, and move forward in a timely manner.  This will ensure that the traffic will continue to move until all children are safely where they need to be.


Arrival/Dismissal:  School begins promptly at 8:30am, and the school is open for students to begin arriving at 8:15am.  Students arriving before 8:15 must be taken to Before Care in the gym.  Please arrive on time; students arriving after 8:30 will be marked tardy.  Parents in grades 1 through 5 have the option of using the drive through lane in the school parking lot to drop off children between 8:15 and 8:30.  Kindergarten students must be escorted in and an adult must sign in the child in the classroom.  School dismisses at 3:00 on Monday -Thursday, and 12:30 on Friday, and students in grades 1-5 will be dismissed from the sidewalk on the south side of the building in the parking lot.   Students who have not been picked up by 3:15 (12:45 on Fridays) will be signed in to After Care.  Parents may use the drive through lane to pick up students.  PLEASE do not leave your car unattended in the drive through lane!  If you need to get out of your car, park on the street.  An unattended car in the drive through line will cause other parents to have a difficult time getting their child to and from school, and can cause traffic to become excessively backed up on Cattle Drive.


Lunch:  Students will have their lunch recess BEFORE they eat their lunch.  This will give students time to play before they eat, therefore allowing them to focus more on their lunch, possibly eating more of the healthy food you pack for them.  Additionally, digestive issues that happen so often when kids play hard after eating a meal may be alleviated.  They will also have time to decompress and calm down after recess before going back to class.  Students will eat lunch a little later than usual, but still within the same lunch periods as in previous years.  PLEASE be sure that you pack plenty of food for you child, including lunch items plus enough for two or more healthy, filling snacks.