Board Meeting Minutes – March 13, 2018

 Mountain School Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

12:00 PM

1899 Restaurant


Board Members Present: Renee Fauset, Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Mason Gerety, James Manley, Mark Neumayr, Jason Aulwes, Bryan Cooperrider

Non-board Members present: Pamela Powell, Duane Weston



1. Call to Order/Welcome: The meeting was called to order at 12:04 PM.

Renee Fauset, President/CEO


2. Call to the Public: There was no public present.  Duane Weston (lawyer) was present to represent the school.  Pam Powell was invited as a possible future board member. Renee Fauset, President/CEO


3. Disclosure of Conflicts:

1.      Jason Aulwes formally disclosed a potential conflict of interest (not for this agenda necessarily), that he is technically the officer on the school’s BBVA loan account. 

2.      Vanessa Fitz-Kesler declared a conflict of interest with action Item #7 (review and approval of Executive Director contract) and will not vote on the item.

Vanessa Fitz-Kesler,


4. Action Item: Approval of February 10, 2017 Mountain School Board Meeting Minutes. Jim Manley made a motion to accept the February 10, 2017 Mountain School Board Meeting Minutes.  Mason Gerety seconded the motion. The motion was approved.


Duane Weston


5. Agenda item: Review cash flow analysis.  The most recent cash flow analysis from Dan Stephens was reviewed by the board. 


Renee Fauset,






Agenda item:  Review strategic plan notes and continue with planning.  Mason Gerety collated the notes from the February strategic planning meeting and shared them with the board.  He suggested the same charts we did with the board also be posted in the staff room to allow teachers to add to them, following an administration meeting on March 28.  It is noted that there is a need to return to the document that defines board member duties and a board orientation.  It was also realized that we needed a conflict of interest policy and a document drafted by Mark Neumayr was distributed, to be discussed at a future meeting.


Mason Gerety,

Board Treasurer


7. Action Item:  Review and approve the Executive Director contract.   Renee, Mark and Duane Weston drafted a nine-page Executive Director contract and then created a one page “Summary of Material Terms of Employment Contract with Superintendent.”  The board reviewed and discussed the summary document.  Mark Neumayr made a motion for the board to approve the “Summary of Material Terms of Employment Contract with Superintendent” and that the board authorizes the Board President (Renee Fauset) and board member Mark Neumayr to approve and execute the final form of the contract.  Mason Gerety seconded the motion.   The motion was approved. Renee Fauset,


8. Sign Voucher(s): Vouchers for November and December 2017, and January and February 2018 were signed. Renee Fauset, President/CEO


9. Set next meeting date(s): The next meeting date is April 11, 4:00 PM to be held at 1899 Restaurant. Renee Fauset, President/CEO


10. Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 1:11 PM.

Renee Fauset, President/CEO



A person with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation such as a sign language interpreter by contacting Renee Fauset, Executive Director, Mountain School, 311 W. Cattle Drive Trail, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, telephone 928-779-2392.  Requests should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange the accommodation. 


Dated: ______ of March 2018






Renee Fauset, President & CEO



Vanessa Fitz-Kesler, Secretary