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Register for Fall 2022-2023

If you would like to begin the process of adding your child to our lottery for Fall 2022-2023, please click here to begin the lottery process.

For the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, we are using a service called PowerSchool for the lottery process. If you already have an account you will be able to sign in immediately, but most of our applicants will need to “Create an Account” to get started. Please contact our registrar Nicole Krouse at nicolek@mountaincharterschool.com or call 928-779-2392 if you have any issues with the sign up process and/or to find out where your child was selected in the lottery after February 14, 2022.

Once received, we will either contact you for additional information or will confirm your entry. Your Child must be 5 by August 31, 2022 to be eligible for kindergarten in Fall 2022. If you entered your child in the lottery on or prior to January 31, 2022 the results of the lottery will be available on February 14, 2022.

Click Here to Begin the lottery Process

If your child has an IEP/Special Needs

If your child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), and is enrolled at Mountain School, our staff will work diligently to meet your child’s needs. We look forward to working closely with parents to develop the best team possible, while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of your child and family.

45 day screen for all new students: By law we conduct a 45 day screening during your child’s first 45 days of school. It helps us get to know your child, to learn what their needs may be, and it gives them time to learn to be at school and adjust to new routines. Parents are informed if there are any concerns, and if necessary we will meet with you and a child support team to discuss and develop a plan to support your child’s learning and growth.

Mountain School is a full inclusion school. Full inclusion means that all students will be in a regular classroom/program full time. Students with disabilities are in the classroom with non-disabled peers for the majority of the time, and services are provided for the child as needed.

Services: Mountain school will strive to meet the requirements stated in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Services provided include:

  • Differentiated instruction in reading, writing, and math according to the IEP
  • Speech/Language therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Counseling Services
  • Other services determined by requirements of the IEP

Staff: The majority of instruction comes from the classroom teacher, with the support of specialized staff.

  • Special Services Director, 30+ years of experience working with children with special needs.
  • Support Staff, 30+ years of experience in the classroom
  • Speech/Language Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Counseling services

Parent/School Team: We approach each IEP with parents, teachers, and students (when appropriate) working together to provide support and services that best reflect the needs of the student. If your child is enrolled at Mountain School, we look forward to meeting with you!

Important Enrollment Information

Please refer to the “Frequently asked questions about our lottery process” and “the IEP information” sections on our website for more information about our enrollment process

  • Once the lottery happens, your child will be on a waitlist in the numberical order in which they were drawn. For example if your child is drawn number 10, they will be number 10 on the waitlist.
  • If your child gets a spot in Mountain School, we will contact you by phone or email and you will be asked to fill out an enrollment application which includes the following documents needed for attendance:

  1. Birth Certificate or other reliable proof of identity
  2. Immunization record or valid waiver
  3. Arizona Residency documentation
  4. Requested annual activity fee of $150. This fee is used to fund extracurricular student activities and is optional. The activity fee qualifies for the Arizona State Tax Credit, so taxpayers will get the entire $150 activity back on your annual state tax return.
  • All families interested in Kindergarten at Mountain School will have the choice of half day or full day Kindergarten. Half day Kindergarten is funded by the state of Arizona and there is no charge for half day Kindergarten. Full day Kindergarten is not currently funded by the state of Arizona and has a fee of $300 per month from September 1- May 1 each year. This is $15 per day for 3.5 hours of enrichment learning each day and for those that itemize their taxes, you will receive a receipt for the extended part of the day, which can be applied toward child care expenses on your taxes.
  • Grades 1st- 5th are funded by the state of Arizona. The only fee parents will have for those students is the requested annual activity fee of $150 per student.

If you have further questions about enrollment, please contact our Registrar at 928-779-2392.

FAQ’s about the Lottery Process

  1. What is the deadline to get my child into the lottery? January 31st is the deadline every year to get your child into the lottery for the upcoming fall school year. Please make sure you fill out the form on our website or contact the registrar at 928-779-2392 to get your child into our lottery.
  2. When will parents get the results of the lottery? Results of the lottery are available the 2nd week in February. We start enrolling grades 1st-5th first, so we encourage kindergarten families to contact our registrar at 928-779-2392, to find out where your child was drawn in the lottery after the 2nd week of February.
  3. How many kindergarten spots do you have available in the lottery? This can vary from year to year due to our sibling preference rule. All kindergarten siblings of our current students will get spots in kindergarten automatically. The remainder of the spots (typically 15-25) will be given to the lottery applicants in numerical order once the lottery is completed.
  4. How many spots do you have for 1st-5th grade? At these grade levels, we only have spots available when our current students leave. We will fill any spots in 1st – 5th grade as they come available based on where your child is drawn in the lottery. Most years we have 2-3 spots per grade level available to lottery applicants.
  5. Do the lottery waitlists carry over to the following school year? We will use the current years lottery/waitlists to fill any spots that come up during the current school year, but you will need to call in again during the lottery period (September 1- January 31 every year) to get your child in the lottery for the following school year if you are still wanting to get in to Mountain School. The lottery lists will not carry over to the next school year.
  6. Once the Lottery is done, will my child’s spot on the waitlist change for any reason? Your child will continue to move up on the waitlists as spots are filled, however, if a sibling of another applicant gets into Mountain School, a child may be moved up on the waitlist under the sibling preference rule, which could affect your child’s position on the list.
  7. Once my child is in Mountain School, do I have to go through the lottery process again? No, once your child has a spot in Mountain School they have a spot guaranteed every year. We also do sibling preference for all younger siblings.

If you have any other questions regarding our lottery process, please contact our Registrar at 928-779-2392 during regular school hours.

Kalah Knight, Kindergarten

KC Hershey, Physical Education

Spring skiing down slopes of Snowbowl after skinning up to the top.


I’m KC Hershey from Chicago. I moved to Flagstaff in 1984 to attend NAU. After marrying a local Flagstaff man in 1995, we started a family and now have two young, adult boys. My life has been very fulfilling by working with children in physical education over the past 25 years. I can truly say I love my job, the outdoors, all kinds of sports and, of course, the kids. My goal is to teach students that exercise can be fun, and to prepare them for a life of physical activity,

Healthy bodies equal healthy minds!

Maggie Weidinger, Music


Welcome to the Mountain School Music Program. Music is such a universal language. No matter who you are, what your talents and gifts are or where you come from, we all love listening to music. Music inspires us in so many different ways – the sounds of the instruments, the words, the singers, the rhythm, the technology and production of the song and so much more.

I am Maggie Weidinger and I love introducing the students to all the different faces of music. My job is to create a general appreciation for music and all that is offered through music! I am very blessed to have a deep heritage of music. Both my parents are musicians (coming from musical families), my husband is a musician, along with many in his family. Music is a very active part of our lives! I started taking singing and piano lessons when I was young and moved on to attend both Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University for music. I believe that music, along with the other specials offered at Mountain School, is a part of developing the whole child.

My favorite time of year is when we do our Spring Program! This is a chance for all the students to shine while having fun! It’s an opportunity for them to work hard for something and gain confidence, discover a new talent or develop an existing talent, be a leader, use discipline and be a STAR and most importantly, give back to their friends and family!

Sheri Lenegan, Art

Sheri Lenegan, Art TeacherHi! I’m Sheri Lenegan. I am thrilled to be teaching art at Mountain School. I’m an Arizona native and a graduate of the University of Arizona. In the year 2000 I began my teaching career in the Peoria Unified School District. I moved to Flagstaff in 2002 where I was a classroom teacher at South Beaver Elementary School until 2008. When my daughters were young, I stayed home with them. I returned to the classroom at Mountain School in 2016. I am excited to be in the art room now. It is a place for creativity, learning, and so much fun! I love teaching children of all ages, connecting with them, and fostering their love of art and learning. Outside of school, I am busy with my family! Together we enjoy creating – painting, drawing, sewing, … We also love bike riding, swimming, cooking, and reading!

Michelle Galloway, Spanish

Bienvenidos. Welcome to Mountain School’s Spanish Program. Learning a foreign language is not only exciting, increases your cultural sensitivity and future job possibilities, it also develops classification skills, concept formation, analogical reasoning, visual-spatial skills, creativity, and other cognitive gains!

I am Señora Michelle and I am delighted to work with Mountain School’s faculty and families to create a culturally diverse Spanish curriculum. I am a NAU graduate with a major in French, a minor in Spanish and complete course work in secondary teacher certification. My teaching experience includes Spanish (K-12), French (middle and high school), English as a Second Language for K-8 and adults, the Arboretum and the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Dominican Students with our pen pal letters.
Dominican pen pals with our letters.

I have studied, traveled and lived in Mexico and Spain. However, I feel it is important to broaden students’ knowledge of numerous Spanish-speaking countries, focusing on 3-4 countries a year. I welcome Hispanic families and those with experience living or traveling in Spanish-speaking countries to share in our Spanish classroom. Lessons primarily utilize the TPRS curriculum. TPRS, Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, is a method that incorporates interactive stories and gestures to establish meaning and enhance retention. Students will be equipped with skills to understand and even speak some Spanish right from the start. ¡Ándale!

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