The Curriculum

The Curriculum at Mountain School is comprehensive. While students choose, teachers assure that the various elements of the curriculum are covered. Teachers also assure that students have a thorough understanding of the materials studied in each course before moving on. Teachers look for a broad, conceptual understanding of the subject matter. In other words, students must demonstrate an understanding of what is involved in a course, why the things involved are important, and how to apply what they’ve learned.

Language Arts

GirlStudying-KarenEvansClasLiteracy is central to the curriculum. Talk is encouraged. Talk becomes central to the acquisition of other literary skills: from talk to writing, writing through dictation at first, then from writing to reading.
Students train with phonics and then by reading their own compositions – a real motivator. Student writings are published in our school newsletter and on this website. Reading extends from student writings to the classics. They read and are encouraged not only to interpret but to question, to become critical readers and writers.


Even before what is commonly considered to be the basics of math, students are introduced to the very elements that created the ancient need for mathematics – ways of accounting for the shapes of the world; the most common geometric plan and the names and properties of solid shapes. Next: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Once mastered, students move to fractions, decimals, and percents. All materials utilize workbook and word problems, skills and concepts.


Students are taught the processes of scientific investigation. They are gradually able to design, conduct, and evaluate their own experiments, culminating in participation in science fairs.


There are over 125 courses available to the students at present; we are not limited to these…

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