Letter from the Director

Renee Fauset, School Director

Renee Fauset, School Director

Thank you for your interest in Mountain School. It is my sincere pleasure to be able to tell you a little about our school and hope you find it as exciting a place as we do.

Mountain School promotes child-centered learning with parents as partners in all aspects of the child’s education. We keep our class sizes small enough to ensure that each child gets his or her needs met and large enough to promote the learning of good social skills and responsibilities.

Our staff is a highly qualified, talented, and loving group of adults dedicated to your child’s academic achievement and character development. By carefully assessing your child’s academic profile and providing them with appropriate learning materials, we can see him or her advance at a comfortable rate. This has shown time and again to give the students confidence, which builds leadership qualities. While the students are not graded in a competitive manner, they are expected to achieve 100% mastery of the materials.

We offer the following special classes to each student weekly: music, art, P.E. (or Creative Movement for grades K-1), Spanish, and TeamMastermind, a creative thinking curriculum. All of our core classes are aligned with the Arizona Standards for College and Career Readiness.

We encourage parents to come visit to ask questions and observe the school in action. When you walk in the front door, I think you will be able to feel what makes Mountain School such a special place. You will see happy children, caring teachers, and parents reading to, playing with, and helping children meet their academic goals. It’ s what an elementary education should be.

Please call the school for a tour to see if Mountain School would be a good choice for your child.


Renee Fauset

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