Welcome to Mountain School

Mountain School is a public charter school in Flagstaff, Arizona which covers grades pre-kindergarten through fifth. It is a school founded by parents, reflecting parents’ concerns. When we began in 1980, our aim was to provide our own children with an alternative to the rigidity and to the crowding of public schools. Through the years we have evolved into a school committed to having children gain academic breadth while maintaining their inherent love of learning, a school where learning works in concert with children’s senses of integrity and self-esteem. We have a school where children feel good about themselves – and about learning.

Mountain School provides an environment in which children themselves take part in constructing their curriculum. Students are offered choices. Since they choose, their curiosity, which can only be appeased by study, fuels their desire to discover and to learn. Students learn to study, and are therefore encouraged to learn more. In pursuing their studies, they work alone and they work as self-selected groups. They discover the value of self-directed study and collaborative study. They discover autonomy and community.

We are able to foster both individualistic and group experiences because we maintain a low number of students per teacher. Students are close to one another and to the teacher. Teachers are able to allow for individual pacing, to allow for close monitoring of each student’s progress, allowing each student an active part in his or her school community as well.

Home of the Mountain Lions!

Please find all public notices in the right column of our website’s pages and our Board of Director meeting notes HERE. Additionally, information can be found on the bulletin board at the front office.

Average salary of teachers (budget year 2019): $41,897
Average salary of teachers (budget year 2018): $38,438
Increase in average teacher salary from prior year 2018: $3,459
Percentage increase 9.0%